Monday, February 14, 2011

New Blogs Coming soon

Sorry I have not any time to blog latlely I will soon

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things that Aggravate me to no end.

The following things and people aggravate me to no end.
#1 Video Game release dates man those really piss me off to no end. Why? Well for one if it is a game you or me has been looking forward to for let's say a year or so the developers always have to delay the damn game. Like announce the damned thing if your just gonna delay it not once or twice but more than three times not that's just aggravating.
#2 People who just stand in the lane in a grocery store yea we all know those people and we all know how aggravating these people can be and when you tell them to move they act like your the one being rude now that is aggravating.
#3 People who have to write about they're life 24/7 we all have those people they always update they're profile like "I just got home" "Gonna go shower" "Gonna eat dinner (pork chops) "ohh like we all had to know that. 
#4 When playing a game like Call of Duty or Dead Rising 2 people team killing you man what a piss off you know. You join a game with great intentions and then bang you're dead but from who not the enemy but your teammate then you go kill them back then after a few times you get kicked and now that's a piss off.
#5 Torrents. Now I encourage you all to not steal your music and movies but if you do you'll know what I mean by not enough seeders damn lechers you know sometimes there are not a lot of seeders and that makes torrents really slow and sometimes the torrents gets taken down due to to many lechers and when it's something you want all you say is fuck what a piss off
#6 People who don't knock and when they do know they immediately enter the room. Like you know the door is closed so leave it that way or wait a minute
So people feel free to follow me and I'll follow you back